1. 試食活動只限於揀選一包 4 LB裝的狗/貓乾糧。

2. 每一個登記帳號只能享有一次參與試食活動機會,如發現多於一次,訂單會被取消。

​3. 運費需要由客人自行承担,$45 (送貨方式: 順豐站/智能櫃自取)。

​4. 完成登記和下單後,我們會於2-3個工作天內安排送貨,並會以電話方式,發送順豐單號。

Terms & Conditions

1. Free Trial Feeding Programme is limited to 1 bag (1.8kg) per household

2. Free trial feeding programme limited to one (1) trial for every registered account. 

3. Shipping cost to be borne by consumer , $45 (Pick up at S.F. Stores or S.F Locker ) 

​4. We will deliver to address within 3 working days after placing an order. We will send      you the delivery number by phone.